Tips and Strategies for Betting on Euro 2024

The Betting Site in Kenya: A Detailed Analysis for Sports Enthusiasts
When it comes to sports betting Kenya on major football events such as the EURO 2024, every detail matters. Understanding how to bet on sports, especially in the context of such a legendary tournament, can significantly increase your chances of success. It's not just a matter of luck, but also of in-depth knowledge of the game, the team's condition and, importantly, the odds. Therefore, betting on the 2024 European Championship will be an unforgettable experience. In this section we will talk about it in more detail.


  • Research Teams and Players. First of all, it is important to know who is playing, the history of team meetings, the current state of the players and their motivation. All this will influence the outcome of the matches.
  • Familiarise yourself with the odds. Once you have chosen a match, study the odds at different bookmakers. Comparing the odds will help you choose the most favourable bet.
  • Keep Up with Team News. Watch out for the latest team updates. Substitutions, injuries, general mood — these and other factors can directly affect the future success of the national team.
  • Consider Home Advantage. An important factor is the location of the match. A lot can also depend on it, as the support from the fans of the national team is not the least important. Obviously, a team has a better chance of winning at home than away.
  • Use Betting Tools and Resources. You can use outside help and gather more information on the team / players. To do this, visit analytical websites and read expert opinions. The more you know, the better you’re prepared and the higher are chances of making an informed and most importantly winning bet.
  • Take into account different types of bets. Besides the standard win, draw or loss bets, consider other options such as betting on the total number of goals, the exact score or who will score first.
  • Keep an eye on the tournament. EURO 2024 is a very dynamic event and many factors can influence match outcomes. Stay up to date with all the news and events of the tournament so you can adjust your bets in time.
  • Manage Your Bankroll Wisely. Determine the amount you are willing to risk and do not exceed it. Manage your finances wisely to avoid material losses.

If you take into account these nuances, you will be able to bet on football Euro 2024 as favourably as possible. Such online football betting will bring maximum positive emotions, especially if you are a fan of Live betting Euro 2024. But the main focus should be dedicated to pre match options.

Why you need to know Euro 2024 odds

In order for the European Championship 2024 bet to win, you need to consider the odds. This is an important criterion for forming a strategy. So let's consider the important soccer betting tips. Euro 2024 odds are not just numbers — they reflect bookmakers' assessment of a team's chances of winning, drawing or losing each match. By understanding the odds, you get the following benefits:
Informed choice. Understanding the odds allows you to make an informed betting choice based on potential risk and expected profit. Predicting outcomes. By analysing changes in the odds, you can get an idea of the possible outcomes of matches, which is especially important for a football tournament like Euro 2024. Evaluating the chances of the teams. Odds can be an indicator of the current form of teams, their potential and their possibilities of winning / success at different stages of the EURO tournament.
Knowing the odds and being able to analyse them is the key.
If you are well versed in football (and your knowledge is likely to be sufficient in this case, as famous teams with star footballers will be playing), you can make real money on it. Think about your strategy, because the bookmaker allows you to bet in euros even on very symbolic amounts.
There is no demo account on the website, so you should understand what’s going on here. Among the various bets, there are variable bonus offers, which we have already mentioned above.
The tournament will start in the second half of June, so you still have some time to decide what you will bet on. The matches will take place in different cities, including such countries as:

  • England.
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • The Netherlands and other countries.

Pay attention to the types of bets you can place. If you are confident in one particular outcome and event, then you should bet on a single with high odds. You can also bet on a group of matches. It is not necessary to guess only the winner: you can also include a handicap with a total, asian handicap, etc. It is not allowed to add statistics to the express with the main outcomes, which are usually placed only in the ordinary form.
There is another type of bet, which is called a system (multiple bet). Its advantage is that it allows the bettor to make a mistake. However, this will affect the final coefficient. As part of betting on Euro 2024, you can not only choose match outcomes but also place long-term bets. For example, these include determining the winner of the group, whether a particular team will be able to leave the group, and whether a team has a chance of winning the prestigious competition. Hope mentioned above football betting strategies will help to achieve your goals and plans for Euro 24!


A lot of things have already changed over the past decades, but the very essence has remained the same — people continue to earn money on betting. For some users, betting is a kind of entertainment, while others see an opportunity to test their intuition and earn a substantial amount of money.
Whichever category the player belongs to, before making the first bet, he will need to stop the choice on any of the bookies. First of all, it should have a licence and high odds for EURO 2024 events. Also, welcome bonuses, convenient payment systems and player support will not be superfluous. In this respect, the 888 Starz brand is the top choice for Kenyan bettors.
For over 5 years now, the company has been a powerful betting operator in the Kenyan market. Moreover, 888 Starz is openly and generously embracing the sports betting wave by providing its users with quite decent markets and odds. Website offers welcome bonuses 2024 on first and following deposits (reload). The payment methods are varied, all provide fast transactions, and the toughest matches offer increased odds. On top of that, the company has all the relevant licences to operate legally around the world (Curacao licence 8048/JAZ 2020-048). 888Starz is one of the most trusted platforms in Kenya that you should definitely consider betting on EURO.
And remember that you always have a chance to win, especially if you take a deliberate approach and choose the right bookmaker, such as 888Starz. We hope that our detailed betting site review Kenya has helped you find the answer to the question of where's better to bet on EURO 2024.